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We were recently asked to optimize a client's site, for responsive desi

Our client is providing tutorials for the use of popular web services such as GMail or Outlook. Tutorials range from Hotmail login to Outlook login.
The site was not mobile optimized and when Google announced its April 21st "MobileGeddon" Update, our client wanted to make sure that he wasn't affected.

We worked with our client to identify areas that were most relevant to mobile users. It is important to understand that not all content blocks might be equally applicable to mobile users. For examples, large data tables may not be relevant for users on small devices. Generally, users on small devices are looking for more 'casual' type of information.
We identified multiple blocks of information where we decided to hide these on smaller devices in order to allow us to focus on the content that is most relevant to users.
After our optimization the site delivers a consistent message across devices. To the left is a screenshot of how the's GMail Login Tutorial page now looks like on mobile devices.

If your business is in need of responsive design for cross device optimization please contact us for a free consultation.

Preparing for MobileGeddon

Google has always been emphasizing that usability play a major factor in the its algorithm. On April 21st, Google will for the first time start penalizing sites which are not very usable on mobile devices.

Already last year Google has introduce its mobile friendly tag in search results. This tag has already had a significant impact on click-through rates for websites that have not been mobile optimized. Google had previously announced that it is considering demoting sites which are not mobile friendly.

On April 21st this time has come. As Google has announced in February, the company is currently working on algorithm updates which will have significant impact on the search results on mobile deivces. Pages which are not well optimized for mobile devices will likely be severly affected and have to take significant hits in traffic.

The search giant has provided a tool where you can test if your pages are mobile optimized. Check your webiste on Google's mobile friendly test and read up on the provided Guide to making your site mobile friendly

If your website is not considered mobile friendly by Google your business strategy might be at risk. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how to otpimize your site for mobile devices.

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